Il Pezzo Mancante

Il Pezzo Mancante ("The Missing Piece") was born in 2010, created by Cosimo Terzani and Barbara Bertocci. Inspired from their passion for quality raw materials and an innate love for their homeland, Tuscany, they create a world made of authenticity and vision in which you can rediscover an extraordinary rich artisan culture.
It’s a world that celebrates the beauty of handcrafted pieces; tangible works of art designed to express warmth and “familiar feel”.
The solid wood, the brass castings, the hand-blown crystal and the marble sourced from the finest Carrara quarries, are not just icons from the past but symbols of timeless intelligence and elegance rediscovered in modern life.
Il Pezzo Mancante is an atelier that designs and creates unique pieces, a world of memory, material, touch, illuminating the senses. Thoughtful elegance and passion; a place where you can watch, think, do and look for something missing: Il Pezzo Mancante ("The Missing Piece" in english).

Cosimo Terzani

Born in Florence in 1980, Cosimo graduated in 2003 from Istituto Europeo di Design (Milan). He worked from 2004 to 2010 in his family's lighting company as a creative director, having the chance to collaborate with internationally renowned designers.


Barbara Bertocci

Born in 1981 in Florence, Barbara graduated in 2005 with a degree in Interior design.
Collaborating with some of the most successful furniture companies in the Tuscan area in the last 10 years made her decide to challenge designing her own collection. 

Barbara Bertocci and Cosimo Terzani at IPM Atelier (2014)

Barbara Bertocci and Cosimo Terzani at IPM Atelier (2014)

Il Pezzo Mancante - The Missing Piece

"Il Pezzo Mancante" ("The Missing Piece") represents the ambition and the continuous research that moves us to new horizons. We are always looking for something missing.
In every piece of Il Pezzo Mancante there is a small hidden brass cylinder, containing the serial number, which seals the authenticity and uniqueness.


The Atelier

Every piece is made in our Atelier based in Florence from a small team of people with whom we share the passion for quality and beauty. Our challenge is to make unique pieces mixing traditional techniques, hand planing and finishing together with the technology and precision of computer aided manufacturing. Any client visiting us has the chance to see how our pieces are made.


The Showroom

Visiting our showroom is a bit like following Alice down the rabbit hole, you therefore enter our world: you can smell the precious essential oils that we use to treat our wood, you have the possibility of touching the warmth of our surfaces, the variations of our finishes, the consistence of our materials. Our doors are always open for whoever wants to come and see us.